Hello everyone, I am new to this forums but also sort of new to the history of the Mitsubishi Montero. It was back in 2002 or so when I first stopped and looked into the great shapes and beauty of these SUVs and started imagining myself driving a lifted 4x4 Montero out into freedom from work and family issues even if it was for just a few hours or a few days.. Today I own 3 different Monteros; a 2001 XLS, a 2003 20th Anniversary edition and a 2001 Limited that I bought for parts. I guess my question has to do with how does my two categories of models fall into the GEN1, GEN2 and GEN3 and mostly related to parts porting from one to the other? Right now as far as keeping building my 2003 I've been thinking about looking for a newer engine from any car that uses the 3.8L engine as is the case of the 2003-2006. Other than the size of the engine or the ECU comparability what else should I be looking for? I have also an option of bringing this car to Mexico and make an engine swap from one of the newer 2011 or 2015 newer Monteros but I am pretty sure I am getting into more trouble than I want to handle just to get a newer engine with less miles on it. Again, I want to use this Montero to do a lot of things to it but if the engine keeps doping oil and has all these vacuum noises and even worse the lack of power you need to go full off road, what gives?