Hi Chad,

Thanks for your response!

I've read through a good chunk of the archives so far, and pretty much every article that shows up when searching crank or timing. There is a ton of good info indeed!! Also, I've been taking advantage of www.mitsubishilinks.com. I appreciate the recommendations. Reading through these materials really helped me familiarize myself before I started and continues to do so.

The hardest part SO FAR has been tracking down certain replacement parts that can't be found on RockAuto or mitsu warehouses (e.g. A/C compressor bracket which had been worn through by the pulley...it looked like a lot of driving had taken place after the tension setting bolt had fallen out). Granted, I haven't even begun reassembly...

Thanks for your answers to my questions. If you do get a chance to take a look at the vac line I really would appreciate it!

As for the crank bolt and washer...these are two of the very few parts that I ordered from the dealership since I stumbled across a related Service Bulletin on mitsu-links and wanted to make sure I got exactly what I needed.

Slowly but surely, so it goes. Good luck with yours!

Also, I highly recommend google drive due to it's simplicity and support for google docs, however, as with any free-of-charge cloud-based storage, you should pretty much expect that somewhere in the fine print you're giving google (or other host) full access to anything uploaded.


'91 Montero, 3.0L V6 SOHC