Well all, I haven't posted any information for a while so thought I'd give a quick update.

-Mama found out what it was gonna cost to do the turbo upgrade on HAGAR and put the brakes on that idea like she was heading for a concrete wall. (a definite "NO") Had to spend the money for her to have a total ankle replacement instead on Dec 16th.

-Have spent the last 3 weeks cleaning up my equipment shed to use as a fab shop and move everything out and around in my garage so I have space to set up a serious mechanic space to work on everything.

-My oldest son was heading back to town in his XTerra for work and had a flat. Changed the tire in a hurry and didn't get the lug nuts tight enough. By the time I seen it the rim was wobbled out and the studs were half worn through. When I was tearing it down I noticed the axle seal was leaking and figured I'd replace it while I was there. Had to press off the retainer and bearing to get to the seal, so they got new also. Spent a day and half pulling it apart, finding parts and putting it back together.

Needless to say, I haven't had a lot of time to put towards HAGAR, HELGA or LUCKY EDDY. But I am currently working on a deal for an '89 Raider in Texas that I think has a V6 motor with it and the body looks to be in excellent shape (rust free). If I can get a deal made on it, I may have to sell HELGA to pay for everything I'm wanting to do. And that's okay because it would be nice to have another Raider owner in the area.

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Season and that 2020 gives you all everything you need.


87 GEN1 Raider 5-spd w/ Weber (HAGAR)
87 GEN1 Monty 5-spd stock (LUCKY EDDIE)
88 GEN1 Raider A/T w/ Weber (HELGA)
87 Ford Ranger STX 5-spd 2.9L V6
95 Ford Bronco Eddy Bauer
99 Toyota 4-Runner Limited 3" lift