Haven’t posted anything for a while, been really busy with work and cleaning/organizing my garage to do mechanic projects and setting up a fabrication area in my shed.

Bought some LED lights and started installing them in HELGA. Couldn’t seem to figure out how the plug was wired so I got out the electrical shop manual (Thanks to the link found here) and started tracing things out. When I thought I had things figured out I couldn’t believe it and had to have a electronics buddy check my findings.

The complete lighting system switches based on the ground (negative) and LED lights have circuit boards with diodes that won’t allow that. Bought a 5 post relay and had to do a simple flip at the factory headlight relay then VIOLA!!! They work like a dream.

Man, those things are a LOT brighter. If you do this just make sure you re-align your headlights are be prepared for people to flash their brights at you all the time.

If someone is interested I can draw the changes I made on the headlight circuit drawing (I think) and post it here. Just let me know.

Party on Wayne!

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