I know I am probably the last person still doing this.

I have started taking everything apart but I'm not sure what all needs to come off. I can find lots of documentation about getting the timing set and removing the spring retainers, but not the steps to get there. Right now I am trying to figure to how to get the big plate covering the water pump and the front of the engine. Do I have to remove the AC pump?

Is there any documentation describing what has to come off to replace the water pump, timing belt, and get to the valve seals?

Or if you have done the job before and could answer some questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

I't started running really bad and I thought I had blown a head gasket so I told my 16 year old son, if he bought the parts and helped me do the work he could have my 95 Monty 3.5. I figure we spend time together and he is earning his Man Card.


95 Montero SR