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I'm chasing down a small leak in my 89 LWB with an AW372 automatic transmission. I thought it might be my pan gasket, but all the bolts were pretty snug when I removed, so now I'm looking above it for a possible leak source. I get a very small puddle (3" dia) after it sits for ~1wk. The farthest forward I can see any wetness is near the Manual Shaft (shifter shaft) and according to the FSM (pg 21-140) there appears to be a seal on each end of this shaft.

Has anyone replaced these seals with the transmission in the vehicle?
What tool did you use to do it? I have seen some generic tools at Napa that claim to be for this (Balkamp BK 7769250), but don't know if they will work

This leak started a while ago after I had overfilled the trans after a drain & fill of the fluid. I've been dealing with the leak and finally got around to investigating further. The drips are typically coming from the passenger rear area of the transmission, but I can't tell if that is just where the accumulation is as the drip is extremely slow.

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Chad Zeilenga
1989 Gen 1 Montero