This is my first full rebuild. I've freshened up 2 other gen 1s. I do get most of my parts from rock auto. I live on a border town and before COVID, I could ship to just across the border and drive to pick up for cheap.
my donor engine had 170k on it. all journals were within spec, so no oversized needed. I bought the rering kit from rock auto and various other parts. not the complete kit as I didnt change the pistons. the rings I also bought at stock sizing. hardest part was putting in new balance shaft bearings, a very steady hand and 90 bucks worth of messed up bearings later.....
I debated doing the balance shaft delete but after much research here I've decided it was best to leave stock.I was leary because I'm sure a slipped silent shaft chain is what took out my last engine.

also splashed out of a weber carb kit. kinda expensive on the north side of the border but I'm eager to throw out all my vacuum lines.

let me know how yours goes


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