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Was going through the boards and saw that you had been offering turbo parts and I was wondering if you've already offloaded your stuff to Tux of do you still have some left? Am interested in the a turbo set-up mainly because it would come with a switch over to the Starion FI (I'm from Texas so Turbo and FI would be a huge help when I'm finally able to take it up to Ouray...My NA Renegade Trailhawk is a dog at altitude.


Hello James:

Sorry for missing this earlier. Slowly making my way back to The Wire. I have some parts that are 2.6T related. I did my swap 15+ years ago, when finding a StarQuest donor was not hard to do. The last year or two has seen availability of desirable Mitsus shrink, and then the corresponding increase in prices.

The best first start for a turbo swap is the Turbo Bible Thread. There are also numerous going back to that same 15+ year period on the swap. Lastly, search same-period threads from OldColt and FastEddy. The two of them know/knew more than the combined total of probably all current Mitsu techs. Check all that out, and if you ever want to talk, happy to to help where I can.

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