Ok had my brake and turn lights stop working, a quick Google search and seen it would be the Hazard switch, yep its broke.
Ok I can do this (yeah ok) connected the wires together that would be in contact when the switch was off.
Cool I got turn signals now... still no brake lights.

Power to the switch, check... switch works, check... BL power to the plug, check.

Now what ? Any other wire I connect with doesn't work or not correctly.
Yes all bulbs work in the rear, checked.
I can get brake lights. But its apparently the same filament of the bulb as the taillight.... so when the headlights are on no blinky...

Damn switches go for $150 if you can even find one..

Any guru's that's been there done this got any wisdom for me ?

Yes fuses ok. None of the color codes in my manual match up with my wiring. Can i just bypass the plug at the hazard switch and run the BL lead to the wire going to the back ?

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