happy new year- a bit of an update.
i suspect she will be labeled "suzitoo".
currently on blocks, sans drivetrain and much of the interior.
while impatiently awaiting critical parts, the body has been lifted 2", and i expect to lift the gas tank @that much(experience).
also mocking up the power steering linkage, 'cause the manual box is shorter, using a longer steering shaft.
the body lift helped some, but it still needs to shrink a bit.....
she no longer has ac, but the compressor may be useful in the future.
i have resisted the urge to start cutting, until i have a few more parts to fondle.
i have procrastinated re:picproblem- sorry

'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.