I have not quit Farcebook, just never have liked it there. I hate the total lack of structure. The inability to even find a thread you were in a minute ago.
Two months ago a friend started a new section/ forum for a classic performance boat group on FB. Intention of replacing a long lost online forum from the past. He brought me in as the second admin so I am kind of stuck now.
Trying to honestly moderate a world wide sham where way to many people are just trying to get in for greedy gain is near the point of anger. We are not there for someone from some place I can not find in an atlas to sell T shirts.

I do not actually know when I joined Farcebook but have essentially no activity there until last fall when I was searching for a replacement for my current 95 SR and with an intention to cut up my second SR to shorten it to be a SWB, Bill McVicker stated there was a Pajero SWB for sale on FB. Turns out it was for sale by Shaun S here on the Wire. Being a roller, a bare body was just what I wanted.
Well here I am with another big complex build, no love for FB but now stuck there due to responsibility of maintaining a forum or whatever they are called there. Heck I can barely find my own posts in a two month old forum over there.

To me, the major value of coming back here as well as the private forum on FB is to be free of totally useless questions by the immature and unwilling who will never even try to search for an answer themselves.
Those that know me, know I will do my best to answer true questions, There are so few true questions there that I am rarely aware of any real ones.

Cheers, Charlie
If It ain't broke, Modify it!
87 Montero turbo Converted back in Spring1989
95 Montero SR 3.8 DOHC Only one?
93 Pajero 3 door 6G75 Mivec with paddle shifted 5 speed
Then a Gen2 SR with full coil independent suspension.