We do thank you John. I know from my forums the fade out was and is disheartening.
I stopped by here intermittently Saw Phil and Russell and a few others keeping the Mitsu side afloat. Read a few posts to see if I could step in and offer anything but never found the hook to dig in.
Myself I just have not had anything of content to provide here, Just busy in other directions, Back to boats and aircraft.
Projects for here, I do now and have more for the near future. Projects no one else has done nor will even try to do.

Cheers, Charlie
If It ain't broke, Modify it!
87 Montero turbo Converted back in Spring1989
95 Montero SR 3.8 DOHC Only one?
93 Pajero 3 door 6G75 Mivec with paddle shifted 5 speed
Then a Gen2 SR with full coil independent suspension.