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Well it's all worth it just to get Pa_Jero back online! Hey buddy! How's it going? Long time no hear! How's the fam?


@OldColt: I'm right there with you. I'm an admin on several boards too, incl the BIG montero board. I've never liked the FB groups, but consider them a necessary evil. Maybe they're NOT so necessary? Time will tell, I guess?

Haha, I couldn't ever get trapped into the black hole that Facebook is. I pop into some of the forums here and there to check in, but not much happening these days. Fam is great Phil thanks, keeping the kids alive and doing what I can to keep the wife happy, really not sure why she puts up with me. Ha! She keeps me updated on the Facebook side here and there. I hope you and your family are doing well Phil. Did I hear correctly... you have no more Montero?

Glad to see all these old timers around here again.

OSO, come buy this 96 SR from me.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT ABOUT BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!