Well it is logical that Phil moved away from Monti's and Pajeros, he no longer had our masses to be drooling over his "Toys".
To me the overall internet experience is depressing, not just Farcebook.
Oh what I would give to be able to buy an Pajero EVO, I cant buy one but I can build the next best thing.

Recently when I introduced my Mivec powered Pajero with a paddleshifted five speed there was way to much negativity and claims it can not be done or it has been done. Well I have not yet found anyone who has installed a 3.8 Mivec with it's own PCM and wire harness and not one controlling the Gen 3 five speed Asian transmission.
I just stopped wasting my time posting on FB or forums.

Heck my next project is a full independent suspension under a Gen2 body. And this will still have selectable hubs. I am not sure I even want to put this project online since I doubt more than a dozen people can fathom a gen 3 front end that has selectable hubs, I do have one.

The whole thing is our society is dumb.

My last five years I am back to running an Experimental Aircraft Association chapter. And yes I am also building another airplane that I have designed, my 7th.
My wife and I are frustrated, we schedule an event, This example we are going to get hundreds of the local public to the airport for what we call a "Young Eagles Day rally" we provide free / no cost flights for youth. Cool, flights start at 9AM. My wife and I are at the airport at 0630 to setup. Sometimes a family shows up early and they are the only ones helping with 10X20 canopies, banquet tables and chairs. About 9 o'clock our pilots show up, and they say "We're ready"
Someone else will be conducting our events from now on.

Sorry for the rant, but it is getting hard to have fun, at least up here is the Northeast. Maybe around here with every empty house having being sold to Californians and New Yorker's we will get some people who will stand and think, just maybe.

Cheers, Charlie
If It ain't broke, Modify it!
87 Montero turbo Converted back in Spring1989
95 Montero SR 3.8 DOHC Only one?
93 Pajero 3 door 6G75 Mivec with paddle shifted 5 speed
Then a Gen2 SR with full coil independent suspension.