It's true. I sold my ultimate auction find last fall, even though I never ever thought I would. Many reasons why, but ultimately it wasn't practical to daily drive when I'd need fuel every second day, and premium at that. So it sat most of the time. And for camping adventures where there was woods and wheeling involved... well that just didn't seem right, with plastic bumpers that are no longer available. So again it sat. If I had lots of money and room I'd still have it. And always have it.

Instead, I decided to look for another dream rig I had always lusted after. The sale of the pajevo netted me a very tidy profit, even after five years of ownership, so I was able to afford a 4 door 70 series with the fabled 1HZ (still made to this day) diesel. Needed lots of work, which was exactly what I needed - a project. It's slow, not shiny, not zippy. But its bulletproof, body on frame, solid axled, leaf sprung, 24 volt, with inline 6 cyl diesel, PTO winch etc. and it has just enough gen1 Pajero cues that it keeps me happy. Also has factory dual bouncies. But with rear discs, so at least I'll retain some sanity. smile

This is also a jdm market only rig, so it's a four door suv much like the storied Troopy, but without the high roof. I can post a picture, but only if you REALLY REALLY want me to, this being sacred Mitsu ground and all..

Kevin, please say hello to your wife too - she's an awesome gal, just like mine, and they are angels to put up with us, but let's call ourselves lucky.

Charlie - I've always loved your crazy concoctions, and can't wait to see where they go.

Russ - sorry we left you here by the fire so long. Appreciate you and John keeping it stoked for us. I'll stick around as long as you guys don't mind the occasional story about my alternate brand rigs...?

To the rest of you OG's - fellas... its been too long. CHEERS!

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