I have been dabbling in a few cast iron pieces over the past few years.

While I have been using a couple of CI skillets and Dutch Ovens for a number of years, I have accumulated a few unique pieces of CI. Mainly, CI cornbread pans.

Bikes, yeah, I have one but seldom ride it. In fact, the 21-speed mountain bike hasn't seen more than a few hundred feet of travel in more than 8 years. Fixed it up to ride but hit some medical issues that halted that effort.

Got the rotator cuff and torn bicep tendon repaired and went on to ruptured disc in neck repair with a titanium plate holding a couple vertebra in position.

So, I like 4 wheels and a roll cage...

Then, there is that move a year ago that relocated me from sunny (expensive) southern California to the variable climate of middle Tennessee.

So, still have my Jeep(s) and looking to doing more than grocery store runs.

Jeep(s) as a 1994 YJ that has been modified to the point that it is still road capable and really great in extreme off-road situations. Then, there is the 2010 JK that sports the basic mods to allow 35" tires and low (really low) range transfer case with electric lockers front and rear.

Life is great and I am still an advocate to access to public lands and serving as President of the Blue Ribbon Coalition which is a public lands access advocate organization.

So, if you like places to drive your 4x4s where you can use 4x4 and suspension flex, I'm working to make that a reality.

John Stewart
Editor - 4x4Wire.com
Editor - 4x4Voice
Editor - MUIRNet-News
President - BlueRibbon Coalition