Piddling with The Turd and I've fitted some 31's on some Gen 2 wheels I have. The 33's were gotten as take-off from a mechanics shop, for free.😁 For the spare I have an old 32 that will do fine as a spare, but it's an 11.50. Bows like crazy on the rim. Going to be great on the sand and mud when deflated though! But being so thick, I can't bolt it on. What to do?🤷‍♂️ Simple, space out the tire carrier. I had some 2" square tubing left over from a project, perfect width to make a good base for the tire carrier.
Spare tire mount spacers

89 SWB, V-6 5SPD, OME Shocks, 16.5X37's, 2"BL, SR axle, Gen2 brakes, Lincoln w/Superwinch