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In the case of using a wheel spacer? This is the only time that I can think their use is appropriate.


What do you mean, appropriate? I have bigger, wider tires that will not bolt on to the stock tire carrier. These square tube spacers sit flat under the carriers itself, spreading the weight the entire length to the internal tire carrier support mount. It's held on with some Grade 8 70mm long bolts. Or I can buy a 2" aluminum wheel spacer. Then bolt that to the carrier. Then bolt the wheel to the aluminium spacer. I'm not hip to the aluminium spacer against metal in any use. Spare tire carrier, or road wheel. Aluminium and steel get angry with each other and corrode, so there's that. The 2" square tubing has worked well for me carrying the 37 on my Raider for about 4 years now. Wow, has it been that long already?

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