Thanks, Russ. You just explained a quandary I am dealing with. Frank, I have reviewed your photos and believe the basic function is viable. I am with Russ in that spacers has a function, but...

In my case, I has a Daystar plastic container that mounts to my spare tire carrier.. I recently noted that the “spacers” used to hold the plastic box in place were loose. I grabbed my tire iron and gave the lug nuts a quick turn. One snapped and I was left with the plastic container held in place by 2 lug nuts.

While there are no contents in the container, it does pose a fix that needs to be addressed. Ultimately, it will be removed and discarded. And, that popular accessory will no longer be something I use or will endorse.

At issue is the mounting studs are aluminum. That brings up the question of dependable strength as noted by Russ.

Your situation appears to be steel on steel except for aluminum rims on steel.

In general, it should be not problem. However, it should be a point where periodic attention is paid to ensure snug fit and no bi-metallic corrosion is evident.

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