My Gen1 has been neglected for a while. It always starts, well when the battery is good. I need a radiator, mine is original as far as I know. It seeps out of various places. My rear calipers drag. I need front ball joints. The AC started to blow warmer and warmer years ago. I used to work 2 miles from home and I got all dirty and sweaty at work so it didn’t matter.
Then we got a bigger car for my wife and I started daily driving the 2006 Outback. Great car, I wish it was manual. I had a Gates brand timing belt break on the Subaru and bend 12 out of 16 valves. The belt only had 50k (105k service interval. I replaced all the pulleys and water pump when I changed it. I could not find anything that caused the belt to break. I got the heads rebuilt and all new valves and put the Aisin pulley and belt kit on it. At the same time I replaced all gaskets and seals except the rear main and oil pan, I didn’t pull that engine. Yes you can take the heads off without pulling the engine. It is pretty easy. It’s faster than pulling and installing the engine. So I had to drive the montero for a few months on my 80 mile round trip to work. That round trip sucks with no AC in the south Louisiana summer.

I want to fix the Montero and bring it to north GA again.

I just want to tell you both good luck, and we're all counting on you.