I left the Raider out in the snow for maybe ten years, drove it two miles down to the mailbox now and then when the weather got bad, and I guess it rusted up.

So I got old and moved down to a town and bringing the Raider down the mountain was Toad's Wild Ride, not much braking power and what there was catching on either side so to drive where I had to go I had to force the steering wheel against whatever side had caught itself in the rust.

I finally broke into it today and found that those brakes don't even slide on pins, there's a couple of steel angle-irons to slide against, and they're all rusted up, lumps of rust. It looks like they were maybe chromed to start? Because there are crumpled wisps of what looks like chrome. All sorts of shims or corroded remainders of shims, top front back center sides, they're everywhere. The manual says slide out the angle-irons, pull them out with pliers, and rock the caliper back and forth and pull it out, and I sort of remember doing that the last time I changed out the pads, but today I had to hammer the wedges out and then hammer and pry the caliper for a while to get it out of the bracket. Half an hour's work in a whole day, it sucks being old.

So the question is, anyone know where I can get a caliper-and-bracket assembly, rebuilt? I went on Amazon and they had one from Cardone, for the driver's side, and I snapped it up, but I need one for the passenger side. Otherwise I'm going to have to try to recondition those sliding parts and hope for the best.

Also, where do you get a clip to hold a window crank? I want to sell this car, only with brakes and a window-crank that stays put, because I'd hate to sell to some kid who runs it of the edge of a cliff driving home, or who can't open the window easily and learn about the advantage of wind wings.