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Sorry, TM. Of all the Mitsu boards, the OG crew comes from here. There is a little bit of tech on Expedition Portal...but the theme there, or course, is camping.

Yeah anytime I try and do some research most say 4x4wire is the place., that's what brought me here in the first place..

But I need to get my truck right, no one around my local is of any help, seems I will go to FB long enough to get it. Really could use someone here in my town to help diagnose the issues, me being in a wheelchair I can only do so much and along with my injuries I got some brain injury, so my mechanicing is fine but the chasing down some of these issues just has me stumped, to the point I've wanted to sell it, but who would want a truck that won't start, doesn't run right, even my headlights only have low beams. Lol
I really need to explain the problem and have a group say, oh I know what that is..

91 (Gen1) Monty, 3.0L V6, Auto 4 Door.
Disabled Driver.