I want to say thank you to John Stewart for being a man who listens.
Thank you John,
I did not expect to be listened to when I spoke. Guess I have been giving in to the they way this world is declining with little interest in maintaining history. And this site has retained it's history while so many others have failed.

I have undertaken many projects over the past 50 years be they aircraft, marine or automotive-motorcycle.
Very few of them have truly been documented since, well many of them were done before the internet had developed. Yah there have been a few covered in print in the past.
And well I am not limited to things with engines since I hand build bicycles and components as well as houses and hybrid systems within them.

But for those of us who have a respect for what Mitsubishi has offered us this forum has long been the best.

For many of us the worlds change to Social Media is a major downfall, Obviously it seems to be the way of the world to eliminate history which is very saddening.

But the Wire still is standing, and yes my current project had been introduced here but had no followers not that there are many anywhere else. One of my airplane builds has plenty of interest on a forum which is cool.

But for me I had some frustration when I came here and scroll down to the Mitsu section past topics that had not been posted too since the world had been shut down. I have no clue if bringing the Mitsus to the top of the page will be any catalyst to get readership back to the stable world of forums. I hope that when someone does come onto the Wire, at first glace they see current topics, they might stay and look around.
Maybe even the Toyota guys will return.

Thank you John for giving us a try.
I am sure we can not make the kids of the world open their eyes and mind that in order to have a future we need to know what is in our past.

Cheers, Charlie
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