HI all, long time lurker, but figured it was time to make a post here! Shoutout to Frank for encouraging me to make an account and post here.

Up first is how to convert your gen1 carbed 4 banger and a fuel injected 4 banger!

Note: Please check your state laws for any emissions restrictions prior to trying to convert your vehicle to fuel injection. All information is this write-up was based on my own experience helping an owner fuel inject their truck.


In this writeup, I will be going over the benefits of fuel injection vs carbureted systems, parts required and used to convert a Gen1 Mitsubishi Montero 4cyl to an EFI unit (Holley Sniper 2300 EFI unit), and last but not least my attempt to do an easy to read writeup on how to convert your Gen1 to Fuel Injection with ease!

EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

Why should I ditch the Mikuni carb and go with Fuel Injection?

Better fuel economy with an EFI unit
No more cold start issues with an EFI unit
Most EFI units can self tune and give you a huge amount of control over tuning your truck
Better for the environment. Reduce emissions by installing an EFI unit
EFI units are not very sensitive to altitude and temperature changes compared to a carburetor

Price, time, skill and parts

Price - Expect to pay around $2,000 or less in parts alone, I assume labor would be 6-8 hours of time given most mechanics are not familiar with EFI units

Time - IF you have all required parts and have all the tools at hand, I do not see this taking longer than a day. Myself and friends were able to install the Holley Sniper EFI 2300 in under 5 hours. Please do not take this time as a quote that a shop would give.

Skill - This is very subjective, but with a little help I was able to install this kit, the instructions are very helpful and personally the hardest part of this install for me was figuring out the throttle valve and throttle cable install. The Holley Sniper EFI 2300 Master kit has almost everything you need to install.

Parts - Now onto the fun stuff, the items to buy! Below is a list of items we bought to complete the install, it does not include any specialized tools we used.
I am sure there are different brands and other misc parts that could be used, but this is solely to help guide you in the right direction.

HOLLEY SNIPER EFI 2300 SELF-TUNING MASTER KIT - Part # 550-849K or Part # 550-850K or Part # 550-851K (Be sure it is the master kit, they come in three finishes - GOLD/BLACK/SILVER) - $1,100 - 1,300
Spectre Universal Throttle Cable - Part #2431 - Can be purchased at your local auto parts store (Yes, even autozone) - $39.99

Spectre Throttle Cable Bracket - Part #24283 - Can be purchased at your local auto parts store (Yes, even autozone) - $15.99

Station Fuel Block off Plate or make your own
Station EGR Fuel Block off Plate or make your own
Carb adapter plate - to adapt from the 2.6L intake to the Holley Sniper EFI 2300. Please read - There are other people who have installed this kit and some have used this Mr. Gasket carb adapter plate - Part # 1937MRG - This CAN be used but I have found that it is time consuming to drill out the holes properly, it almost lines up but the barrels are to small and in the end if you are going the EFI route, you might as well do it proper and right the first time - a way to go about that is by making a custom bracket, I will post the measurements below. to make your own.
Replace all your old fuel hoses, with new fuel injection hose, I used Gates Green Stripe hose which can be found at your local auto parts store
Various AN fittings - The included AN fittings will not work with the factory return lines
8-9 inch Carb Air cleaner

Not required but recommend

OEM/NGK spark plugs - The Holley kit is very sensitive to spark plugs and requires a good high quality set of spark plugs
Misc vacuum hoses - You will have to reuse about 2-3 vacuum hoses that will go into the EFI unit, best to replace those old dry cracked lines
Misc AN fittings - You might need some extra AN fittings depending on how you install the kit, the AN size is AN-6
Misc wires - You might need to extend the length of the wires.

Next few pages will cover how my friend installed it and photos!