Hi All,

My 1994 (Engine)\1995(Body) SR has been having some transmission problems for a while now. I took it to a transmission shop but they did not have anything hook up to pull codes. They did say the TPS was bad and replacing that has helped a little bit.

What is happening:

* Does not go into over-drive
* Was going into over-drive, after hitting the switch to put it into HOLD. That method stopped working on a trip from Seattle to Baja..... drove from the tip of Baja to Seattle in third gear
* Stacks shifts - shifts from 1st to 3rd in about 3 seconds
* Does not down-shift
* When shifter in 1st gear will shift to 2nd gear
* When shifting from 1st to 2nd, revs up like in neutral then slips into 2nd gear which it was already in
* Blue wire broken (I think) on the plug for the transmission. Plug sits on the passenger side of transmission.... maybe TMS

What have I done for troubleshooting:

* Swapped transmission. The transmission was a little wonky when I bought it. Then I cooked it a few times on the trail. So figured I would just swap with a known-working transmission. After swap same symptoms occurring
* Replaced TPS
* Replaced temperature sensor
* Tried soldering blue wire together. Likely need to find a plug from another Montero and splice it in

I am out of troubleshooting ideas. Open to any suggestions from the excellent mind hive here.

Kind regards,
~ Jon

95 Montero SR
33 x 12.50
Aussie Locker
OME Heavy Duty Coils & Torsion Bars
ARB Front Bumper
76" Trail Gear Rock Sliders
XRC-9.5K Winch