so I bought a 3rd gen Montero limited, it has the 5speed automatic transmission, the annoying electric super select, and a limited slip that might not work. so far I've put new shocks, a throttle position sensor, a bunch of super select switches, (aftermarket switches only sometimes work so i keep getting them warrantied in hopes that one or two switches from each set will work so if i buy 5 sets of mostly bad switches ill get 1 set of good ones) and a few new tires. this Montero was my grandpas, but he didn't want to fix it anymore so it just sat in his yard for a few years. the next few things i want to do with it is make a better skid plate because it just has plastic ones, and take it up crown king.

99 Montero....15mpg! Sold (so sad)
02 Jetta TDI....48mpg!
03 2500 Ram QCLB Cummins....18mpg
02 2500 Yukon XL, We out grew the montero, at least it has one locker.....13mpg (sold)
01 montero limited