Hey Guys, 1st post here. I've been searching for the right Montero for about a year now. I guide hunts and hunt myself. Must haves are center and rear diff lock. I found a 98 Monty Sport XLS. A BIT HAMMERED cosmetically. But it has sat for about 2 years, has 170k miles, runs decent but the tranny won't shift on its own. You can shift it manually but there is still no 2nd. Has to go straight from 1-3. He claims he replaces some solenoids but found no continuity to the harness in a port???? If I understood him correctly. Not sure if the RD is working properly, I can't remember if I had it in 4L when I tested it. Just confirming RD lock is only in 4L correct? And center lock light should remain solid when engaged yes? This will be my first Mitsui. Bright side I think I can't get it for $700. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.