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Buy the proper sensor online, Rock auto or anywhere rather than Fing up the system.

Try and find one.. no one has the sensor that's actually listed as for a 1990 Montero..
It's the front facing one with white plastic, 2 up right ribs on top, 2 angled out and down on the bottom. 2 pin.

I ordered one for a Mitsubishi 3000 GT but of course has a different plug but comes with a new one, but it's a STD 3/8 NPT not the metric unit. I'm gonna get an adapter that splices into the upper radiator hose.. problem solved and off the shelf unit can be used, just not the one it calls for...
Most all units run about the same Ohm range, mostly the threads and ot plug is different.

But she is running awesome, very smooth. It was the o2 sensor wire up by the transmission shorting out and old injectors. So I'm almost got it running perfectly now. Hope a new sensor clears this up and I'm ready for a trip to Ocala National Forest for wheeling and camping.

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