ok so i went up crown king with this Montero, it couldn't make it over some boulders so we had to turn around and take another road to crown king, and on this little side road (it goes from the crown king trail to senator highway) i got hit by a side by side. he was going too fast and slid into the Montero, but the only thing he hurt was the corner of the bumper, some brackets that hold the plastic on, and a fog light. i guess its time for a custom bumper, i was thinking of making one like this guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhd13-yJlIQ

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99 Montero....15mpg! Sold (so sad)
02 Jetta TDI....48mpg!
03 2500 Ram QCLB Cummins....18mpg
02 2500 Yukon XL, We out grew the montero, at least it has one locker.....13mpg (sold)
01 montero limited