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There is an inspection plate on the bottom of the bellhousing that will present the flexplate and torque convertor bolts to your eye. Remove the bolts, thus leaving the TQ in place. Pull engine and go.

I’m sorry but I don’t see such inspection plate. This is the 4 speed on the XLS, would that make a difference?

I have not started the disassembly just yet due to the cold weather and freezing garage floor =) but, I am guessing that removing the bolts through the engine starter hole will be a very tight space to do it through. It will be crazy, I mean removing the spark plugs is an insane process so I wouldn’t be surprised, BUT imagine having all bolts in minus one and drop that bolt inside the bell housing? Just imaging it sends a cold feeling down my spine!!!

That is the only thing that keeps dancing in my head. The machine shop can do the short block assembly so that will save me from that extra step. I have done the heads and timing belt of my Gen I V6 and 2.6 so I’m not worried about those.

I’m also pondering on removing the heads and all surrounding accessories before removing the engine or if I should remove the engine as a whole unit. The latter gives me the opportunity of taking my time to “safely” do the unbolting process since you know how “delicate” Mitsubishi’s bolts can turn out to be.

I have downloaded the FSM but so far I have not come across definite information on the torque converter bolts.


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