So i've looked back through this forum and the mitsubishi forum and I've read about the bad startup condition on the 89, but many people say that is different from what occurs on the 90 and 91 given we have injection and some other do dads.

I've had the valve click since I got my 91 monty 3 months ago and I've been debating over getting a whole new engine or just new heads, but I've been busy buying all the very needed suspension parts and hoped I wouldn't have any major engine issues until I get to it. I never had any issues on cold startup - even in 5d F weather - it smells real bad and I know that I've got a couple of cracks in the exhaust but it's started just fine for 3 months.

Today when I started it up, it lugged and wanted to die - did the classic choke and shake and I saw my "check engine" light illuminated for the first time outside of ignition sequence - it lugged for about 2 minutes and I gave it gas every few seconds to keep it going - once it warmed up, the idle evened out and the check engine light went off - It gave me a little bit of trouble in the first quarter mile driving it but no issues once the temp got up to 1/4 (where it has always lived in my ownership)

What would you place your money on? My MAF is clean and good - that was one of the first things I checked when I got the vehicle. I've had a sneaking suspicion that the oil pump might be going out but I really have absolutely nothing to base that on other than the previous owner didn't take care of it at all. I read the IAV can be an issue as well as the ECM but I would think with ECM it would be more of a bugger than simply going away once it warmed up. I don't have the tools to check cylinder compression or vacuum but would one of these go away after warm up? Is it possible there's a timing chain issue? Outside of feeling like low compression and sounding like a misfire - it sounded almost like something was ....."flapping around"..... in there and that went away when everything clicked into place.

Like I said - I'm still debating whether to get new heads on it but I don't wanna drop money for heads to only find out the bottom end needs rebuilt when I could have just gotten an entire new engine. Either way, I'll try to get a definitive answer on what's going on but it might be fun to see who's correct in the end and maybe it'll turn out to be some dumb sensor and I can procrastinate another month or two on the engine replacement (crossing fingers bc I really wasn't budgeting for that until November-ish)

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