Thanks for the suggestion. Cant find a steering center link anywhere online.. i will join the group and check it out. I am also going to the capital city here in Colombia and look for a second hand one. Previous owner hit something and towed in the wheels a little bit. Was able to adjust the tierods to get the alignment right so it wasnt too bad. But after i installed my ome shocks the tierod rubbed on my new shock and totally ruined my day.

Tangent question if you happen to know... Installed my arb/ome suspension and got a 2 inch lift out of it. At least in the back. Been trying to think of a way to get the front higher and still get some drop travel. My idea was to het some gen 2 ucas, then install some ball joint extensions/spacers so i have more room to crank up the torsion bars a bit more and still have space between the bump stops. So my question is, if i go that route with my 4cyl will i run into any problems or surprises?