Howdy folks,
So I posted this on a couple FB pages but figured I would post here as well.
I have also used the search but really didn't see anything specific to what I am experiencing.
I have a 1987 Raider with he 2.6.
I was having stalling issues, were it would just shut off while driving and it would not start till it got cold again.
Wasn't sure of the problem so I went through and changed plugs, wires, distributor, new points got new fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter.
Nothing worked. Same problem.
I took it to a local mechanic that works on Delica's to see if he could figure it out.
Turns out I needed a new coil, resister and carb.:(
He replaced them but now...everytime I hit the turn signal, the car either stalls or as the flasher is flashing it drops RPM's both at idle and while driving.
If I turn on the headlights same thing.
When I go to reverse, drive then back to reverse the car stalls.
But...Fan, hazards, radio and wipers do not effect it.
I have had the alternator checked and it reads fine. Battery is fine as well. But, when the fella was doing the test, as soon as the test was done, the car stalled.
So strange. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.

1987 Dodge Raider