Well, well, what a fun scroll through seven pages that was! I'm still out here as well. A lot less wrenching and stuff for too long. My 00 that went down seven years ago is still in the drive waiting to be put back together. At the same time, I couldn't wait to get back into a rig. My 06 G35 6MT sedan that I picked up as "temporary" DD now has 175k on it. So, I found a 1.1 owner 99 Winter Package in CA and had it shipped to CLE. I do have an Endeavor 3.8 on the stand in the garage that was to go into the 00. Not sure which one it will land in. Might get it ready, then put the 99 3.5 in the 00 and the 3.8 in the 99.

@OldColt, I started back to work last summer with a job that's full remote. Maybe you and Carolyn can put me sometime down the road? We can work nights on putting the MT drivetrain into my Montero? Oh, and I can bring you the keys to the Diamante that's been sitting there for 8+ years!. (Long story, OG Crew...)

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