Just thought that I would help out those of you that are making your own 3.4 harness. Below you will find the part numbers for the plugs (c1 & c2 in the ewd) that fit into the dash harness on my 92 yota so that you dont have to cut up the 22r harness to use them...
These are empty plugs that you will have to supply the wires for, if you cant find any to use, use these part numbers, (these are per wire btw)...warning, doing it this way (ordering each wire) can get expensive in a hurry...
82998-12340 - small wire (majority of these two plugs)
82998-12380 - larger wire (only 4 of these needed in this application)

Also it seems people have had trouble in locating the plug for the body harness that plugs into the 3.4 ecu. Below you will find 4runner part numbers, I dont know for sure, but I think that the taco's p/n are the same.

96 - plug E8 90980-11392
(Manual Trans)
plug E12 90980-11218
(Auto Trans)
97/98 - plug E12 90980-11218
99/00 - plug E12 90980-11637
plug E14 90980-11638