A great deal of posting in the Toyota 4Runner & SUV forum has to do with tire choice. In most circumstances, the tires are the first part of an SUV that is exchanged for an OEM alternative.

In this thread, we will discuss the different set-ups by our membership and provide a place for a collective experience with many different configurations of late model SUV's.

Following is the example (using my 4Runner):

1998 4Runner
SAW / ATS / Downey / Bilstein suspension
Lifted 2.0"
V6 / 5spd / 4.10 / rear air locker
Stock 16X7 alloy wheels
285/75/16LT Goodyear MT/R Radial Tires @ 36PSI X 4 (street), 13PSI X 4 (off road)

Fitment Problems: Insignificantly rubs rear lower corner of front fenderwell in high speed / slight turn desert running or similar street situation.

Wheels: No issues, stock rims on this configuration clear all.

On Road: Good to Fair handling, some growling around corners, loud (but only slightly more than BFG A/T TA's by opinion), highway noise is moderate to high, fair high speed (75 mph) handling, acceptable wear for type of tire (65% of tread remaining at 12,000 mi. plus.)

Off Road: Excellent overall tire off road, at lower pressures conforms to rock surfaces uniformly, sidewalls have no deep cuts or pinches, minimal chunking on tread, bead has stayed intact, no significant mud testing.

Overall: For a true all / dual purpose, this one is a trade-off. You will give up high speed highway performance. Like any purpose built off-road tire, this one squirms like a prom date on the pavement but shines off-road and hasn't let me down despite a framing nail piercing one of the rear treads and being broken off in the tire for at least 2k mi.!!!! Recommended for anyone who will see 20 to 50 % off-road use.

So, there should be some guidelines for this thread:
  • 1. Try to describe the configuration as closely to the example as possible.
    2. Use opinions formed on your setup in the Fitment through Overall comments, stick to fact on the actual configuration.
    3. Have fun, no flaming allowed, try to keep questions to PM's and Email.
    4. Refer future questions to this FAQ when possible.

This thread will be stuck to the top and closely moderated.




Suspension recently changed to:

OME 881 spring and N91S shock (front) with one 10MM trim packer installed in the assembly and one Revtek top-out spacer.

OME 891 and N86 shock (rear.)

Minor rubbing on front pinch weld under heavy front loading. Otherwise no changes to above commentary.

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