I am working on a project on the Isuzu board of putting together a list of 4X enthusiasts across the country who would be willing to share hospitality with someone traveling in a new area. Options could be getting together for dinner, swapping stories over a cup of coffee, offering a spare bed for an overnight, or anything else. I am putting this out for any and all brand owners who would like to take part. I would ask that you PM or email me ( jezeric@cinci.rr.com ) with your name, contact information, what you are able to provide, and any other information you might find worthwhile.

As the list grows, I will break it down by some region determination yet to be decided and have it available for anyone traveling through an area. I will also have it open for those who would just like to get to know other 4X enthusiasts in their area, so keep that in mind as well.

We're off to a good start in the Isuzu forum, so feel free to join in and take the idea back to your home forums for others to find. I'm willing to sort the list any way someone likes, but you may have to give me some info if I don't recognize you myself.

Thanks in advance and happy wheeling,
James Zuehlke

New Addition!
I am posting the current collection of initial participants in the host list. All I am posting in this list is state and username. If more information is needed, contact the individual via PM or contact me and I will provide what additional information is offered.

AK - Alaska VX
AZ - valleycat, AZRain, ArbitraryNotion, 90yjexplorer
CA - randii, Chris V, Vovkus, Drakemore, 90yjexplorer
CO - Molly Bantz, Sweater, Mod Man
FL - 89RS, Troopaholic, KTJeffries
IL - Throttlejockey
IN - FIEND, jdobbsj
KY - tcolon
MD - FattyCBR
NJ - pucci, Rubo
NY - Rubo
OH - Paul Elbisser, jezeric
OR - joehope
PA - Stan Marshall, DMG
TX - TXCO RIG, derangedcj, JasonA, bob large
UT - jgalt
VA - ckimbrough18, chasespeed
WV - wvuguy, Bigpoppax2, Smiley

If you are not on this list and have contacted me already, or would like to join it, please let me know and I will try to keep it relatively updated. If you are on this list and are unable to still help,or uncomfortable with the idea, let me know and I will remove you from it. I want to keep this as friendly and non-invasive as possible for people.


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