The guidelines below are intended to make things operate a bit smoother on our forums.

First off, welcome if you are new and thank you for those who have been here for the long haul. Trust me, we want you here. We want to help you. We want to see you have fun with your Isuzu, or at the least, fix whatever problem that induced you to search us out. You have truly found the best place on the Internet for Isuzu 4x4 information.

This is an Isuzu 4x4 forum and as such is orientated in that direction. We are more than willing to help with 2wd questions, but please remember that a majority of those here are here because we like to play with our 4x4 rigs. If you want neon, lowering tips, or other non-4x4 information, we will help, but there might be better places on the Internet to help you out.

Let’s start with the forum descriptions. We have three distinct forums for a reason. This keeps the various discussions in some kind of semi-logical order. Yes, there is some crossover occasionally and sometimes it is a judgment call by the moderators as to what goes where.

Please try to place your posts in the appropriate locations. If it needs to be moved, we can do that.

TALK Forum:
"These forums are for discussions on general topics covering all models of Isuzu Trucks, SUVs & 4x4s."

Isuzu TECH Forum:
"This is a general forum covering technical aspects of all models of Isuzu Trucks, SUVs & 4x4s."

Isuzu DIESEL Forum:
"Discussion about Isuzu diesel trucks, 4x4s & engines - worldwide."


Both forums are read by almost all the readership. There is no reason to try and get the best “coverage” for your question. It either falls under Tech or Talk, but never both.