A few posting guidelines:

  • Before asking a question, take a moment to run a search. This forum has been here for years, and a lot of knowledge has been accumulated during that time. Chances are your question has been addressed to some degree at some point along the way. Out of courtesy for those members who have answered hundreds of these questions, please search first. At the least, it may give you some insight into your own problem and you will be better prepared to ask further questions to get even better help from our forums.
  • The newest version of software has a pretty good search function. Search for intelligent things. Searching for things like "tires" or "wheels" or "stereo", will bring up what you are probably looking for. Searching for "What tires fit my 98 Rodeo", will probably not. HERE is a link to an excellent post by Randii that should help you out.
  • Please use the TECH forum for TECH questions only. Any Isuzu related TALK should be posted in the TALK forum. Questions about lifts, SAS choices, tires, wheels, stereos, alarm systems, window tinting, neon lights, and mufflers are TALK subjects. Trust me, that is just the way it is.
  • No personal attacks, or those that could be construed as such, will ever be tolerated. Period. If you don't like something someone says, let us (the moderators) know. If you don't like what we do, let us know IN PRIVATE. There is a button at the bottom of each post [Linked Image] that notifies the moderators of questionable posts. Public discussion of moderation activates is not allowed because it serves no purpose. We are all more than happy to discuss any of our actions with you in a rational and mature manner.
  • Please take a moment to fill in the information in your profile, i.e. Location, etc. This is sometimes helpful in answering your question and it is even more important for us to know WHAT your vehicle is in order to help you. Listing your vehicle's make/model/year in your signature and your profile is very helpful. Even better, put it in your post. Some of us do not even view sig lines. This avoids a lot of questioning afterwards about what exactly we are trying to discuss.
  • For Sale and Wanted items need to be posted in those forums. A For Sale post can be made in TALK with a LINK to the original post in the For Sale or Wanted forum. The moderators will then lock the thread in TALK to prevent any discussion from taking place outside of the For Sale forum. Wanted items need to be placed in the Wanted forum. The same goes for trailrides. Announce it in the Trailride forum and post a link in TALK.
  • As is the policy of the For Sale forum, no links to your personal auction will be allowed. There is one person allowed to post his stuff that is for sale via auction links, and it is not you.
  • As a service we provide Personal Messages (PMs) for registered users... if you tend to miss them, turn on email notification so that you will get an email when you receive a PM. An icon will also flash in the header at the top of the page if you have a new PM. Also, do not post a topic directed at only one member of this community. That is what PMs are for.
  • Do not use profanity. Peroid. If you would not say it to your priest, daughter or grandma, then don't say it here. Of course there are exceptions depending on your personal relationship with your priest, daughter or grandmother, but use some common sense, you all know what I am talking about. This is a family oriented board and we do not want little Johnny popping off at the next family gathering with something he read here. You will get one warning from us and if you continue to use improper language, you will be banned. Very little tolerance on this one because it is up to you to read you post before hitting the button to submit it.
  • Do not discuss illegal activities. Illegal wheeling (trespassing), speeding, racing, or emissions tampering can all be considered illegal. You know if it illegal and even if it is on the borderline, use some restraint. You do not have to post all of your activities on the internet, no matter how compulsive it feels to do so. If it might be perceived as illegal, JUST DON'T POST IT!! Again, this is a zero tolerance topic.
  • There is no bashing of newbies around here. I don't even like using the word "newbie", but we all know what I mean. Post count means nothing, like it might on other boards.

These guidelines will help to ensure that this forum runs as smoothly as it always has. Most of these are common sense, but are included for a reminder for our regulars, and a guide for our new members.

These boards are a wealth of information. Sometimes it is harder to ferret out some things, but...if you do not take the time to search, don't expect for people to take their time to answer a question they have answered a hundred times already.

Finally, please remember, nobody here gets paid. We are all here because we love discussing Isuzus. I only ask for some respect to be given for those members who do answer your questions. There is never a bad question and we all are learning new things. Some people are just further back on the learning curve, than others. No big deal, we all want to help you.