x2 for toyotafoolish. Bruce is straight up. Will ship to Alaska. I'm a repeat customer.

PullnSave, Spokane WA off I90 and Argonne, across from Spaldings Auto

Spaldings also ships to Alaska; I use Lynden Freight to expedite a pickup for me as freight collect. No problems.

Mapquest map

www.car-part.com I also send our readers to in order to price out parts, or find parts in their area.

Some old phone numbers from Bob Shaw:

These are phone numbers for recyclers for Raiders and Mitsubishis. M&S is in Calif and Lou Fusz in south east.
M&S Rec. Mitsu 800 695 4700
Dodge 800 638 1076
Lou Fusz Mitsu 800 528 2525
Dodge 800 325 9584

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