Pete What part does that patatoe digger on the front of them Jeeps play? I'm try'n and cannot see what good it could do. That yellow one looks like it has been rode hard and put up wet. The roll cage is bent and the front shackle is too.

That 'tater digger is actually called a stinger and the idea is to help prevent a forward rollover. Braced properly (neither the yellow Jeep or the one on the black Wrangler are) no damage should be done to the hood/grille. I've seen two endo type rollovers with these things that ended up with the Jeep landing on its side instead. Hard to tell which result would have been worse.

Those "bent" shackles are made that way. They are called boomerang shackles and help prevent the spring from inverting on extreme droop. That yellow Wrangler looks like a wannabe to me with that clamp together rollcage resembling a jungle gym. I sure wouldn't trust it.