that YJ looks clean. i like what you did with the tail lights.

Sorry Sunder, haven't been around much. I picked them up at a local auto store when I saw their display. They are about 4-5/8 dia. and I think about $25 plus $6 for the pig tails. Pretty easy to do. I used a hole saw but I would lay tape, mark your circle and use a hand jig saw & blade the next time. A 4-1/2" hole saw is too expensive and it makes a mess of the sheet metal. Just aligned the bottom of the 4.5" hole with the existing opening, draw circle and cut. The rest it leaving pig tails for side lights and back-ups.
I went to a ricer shop and bought "Lite n Boltz" for the licence plate lights.

Sorry, I removed the Lite 'n' Boltz here, wasn't driving it on the road.

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