You dont have to be sorry, I'm sure you find my car at least intereting even tough it wont fit in your trips and mountain climbing.

I bet you laughed your butt out about the suspension and how short it is. But I am going to fix it a litle bit, I will have to get longer arms to hold the axel and lift it a litle bit higer. It has coil spring front and rear but it doesn't work properly.

I am most suddenly not hurt even if you have told me to burn this ugly thing down, I was only interested in what you said.


I didnt say anything that mean i was just questioning those big tires with that lift... but i was schooled on this as im not a snow/moutain wheeler and that may be the best set up.. i guess my joke was "do ya rub much?" something to that effect <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />