Do I rub much?

Im surly insulted!!!

But, yes it does. The mainproblem is that the suspension is not good enaugh so I will need to fix it. By lifting the Wagoneer 1-2 in I will be able to stop the rubbing and having some suspension.

The tires are 38"/15.5 on 12" wheels but I will need some wider wheels, 15" could be nice.

If you are interested there are more photos in my album but it is not working at the moment. For an example there where one Ford 250 6.5 TDi on 46" tires on the trip and a few Toyotas on 38" up to 44" tires.

The pics where taken around Kverkfjll in Iceland and its around 100 km away from the nearest road that is usually possible to drive. It takes 6-8 hrs to drive there during winter in low range whith 2-3 psi tire pressure.

Jnsi, Iceland

P.s We drove this time from Krahnjkar, where the biggest dam in Europe is being built