Well Guys (Texas Guys mostly) It has come down to getting larger ride for myself! I got my 87 Wrangler back from my son and now the little sucker has my 99 Ranger and is sporting it around town.
I have little to do so I am thinking about a ZR2 and dropping a 350 vortec in it.. Would give me something to do anyway. So here is my Jeep up on the block. My son has driven it to Wichita Falls last week and to BigH a few weeks past. I built the engine less than 15K ago and it has about everything new at that time.. Comes with the tires and wheels shown and 6 or 7 more alumn with goodyears on them. Only repair done to sheet metal was glass on the passanger floor. Tranny rear seal has very small leak, not much but some! I need $5500 for it and it would drive home! You might need some help getting the extra tires and wheels out of here.
Here are some pics. Send mail to: BigJimM@Austin.RR.com
Big JIm


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