Used to be over on the ISuzu board (moderator) before I moved to China. Bought this a year ago:

[Linked Image]

It's as close to my "dream platform" as possible... a 4 door, rag top SUV.

3 inch suspension lift
Shocks from a 1st gen Toy Forerunner
15" AR Wheels
30" Maxxis Buckshot mudders

Not much else in terms of mods. Had the top off over the summer (it's permanent soft top), built a security cage for it.

And yes... it really is a "Jeep". Built as part of a joint venture between Shanghai Auto and the Jeep Corp. You can get Cherokee's and GC's here.

Not much four wheelin can be done here in the city, and 4x4ing is a new thing in China. I do a lot of stairways and construction sites. I get a lot of WEIRD looks. Especially driving up or down flights of stairs or over curbs and parking blocks. Heheh. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/evil.gif" alt="" /> Even though SUV sales have taken off over here, very few seem to use the machines to their full potentials.