Ok, I just ordered some parts for my Sporty's first tune up from http://www.rockauto.com/.
Looking to improve Miles Per Gallon.
Look over my list and let me know if I'll need anything else. I think I got it all.

*Bosch Platinum +4 Spark Plugs x 4
*Bosch Spark Plug Wire Set, Includes 2 Wires
*FEL-PRO Throttle Body Gasket x 1
*FRAM PCV Valve x 1
*Victor Reinz Valve Cover Gasket x 1
*Antiseize for the spark plug threads.

One more Question: Is the decorative plastic cover over the top of the engine a functional piece of equipment?
I mean; Does it force air over the engine for direct cooling, help make an air bubble over valve cover when fording rivers, or is it just added weight?

2002 4dr Kia Sportage 4X4
Tires:235/75/15, Wheels: Black 15x8 Steel ProComp 2.5" B.S., Hubs:Warn Manual, Lift:3" UPYOURKIA, Trailer Hitch, Cargo Rack, Clinometer.