Ok, I just ordered some parts for my Sporty's first tune up from http://www.rockauto.com/.
Looking to improve Miles Per Gallon.
Look over my list and let me know if I'll need anything else. I think I got it all.

*Bosch Platinum +4 Spark Plugs x 4
*Bosch Spark Plug Wire Set, Includes 2 Wires
*FEL-PRO Throttle Body Gasket x 1
*FRAM PCV Valve x 1
*Victor Reinz Valve Cover Gasket x 1
*Antiseize for the spark plug threads.

One more Question: Is the decorative plastic cover over the top of the engine a functional piece of equipment?
I mean; Does it force air over the engine for direct cooling, help make an air bubble over valve cover when fording rivers, or is it just added weight?

Me personally I would not use BOTCH plugs if my life depended on it. Stick with NGK. I can guarantee in 6 months you'll be replacing those BOTCH plugs.