Is the decorative plastic cover over the top of the engine a functional piece of equipment?

Think what he was talking about was the Plastic Cover that sits over the entire engine, including the intake ducting and has a little access hole for to get to the oil filler cap. This is not required. This was not on all Sportages. I believe the reason was for sound deadening. Lifters can be noisy on cold starts and I think it may have been Kia's way of quieting things up. And sometimes manufacturers like to play around with making the engines look simplified or reduce owners tampering with their own engines. See a lot of this on Audi. All plastic covers.. no sign of an engine, lol. I'd just take it off. I'd say it builds heat. On the Buick Regal Forums, they pull the covers cause they hold heat. Bad for the superchargers, aids in knocking