Replacing the coils at the same time you replace the wires would be a good idea too. Some wire sets are just the wires and do not include the coils too. As Dennis has stated, you only need the Valve Cover gasket if you remove the valve cover. You donít need to remove the valve cover to get to the plugs. They are under the black rectangular plastic cover top center. The engine cover is just for show and to reduce noise. German cars have this such as Audi and VW. It looks nice and pretty, and helps reduce engine noise to make the car sound quieter at higher RPMs.

The dielectric grease should only be applied to the white ceramic portion of the spark plug. Its purpose is for helping pull heat from the ceramic to provide a better cooling of the plug and to help keep moisture from getting to the electrical connections by creating a barrier between the plug and the plug boot. If you apply it to the silver connection on the top of the plug it will inhibit the spark causing more heat to build up in the plug causing quicker failure. You donít need a lot of this grease. One thing from an auto parts store for say $0.99 is enough to do more than 8 plugs.

The anti-seize should only be applied to the threads of the plug. This is to keep the plug from galling (seizing) in the head. It makes it a lot easier to remove the plug the next time you need to do the service.

Just for your information regarding the Boshe plugs not working in Ford vehicles. The main problem here is domestic engines from the states tend to like to run a colder plug because they pull heat away from the plug. The Boshe plugs are a hotter plug and work better in engines that keep heat around the plugs such as import engine. This is the main reason your big V8 engines don't like running hotter plugs. They will perform better with a colder plug such as Autolite/Motorcraft because heat is getting pulled away from these plugs in these engines. Big V8 race engines are a completely different animal though. They will perform better with a hotter plug because they want to keep heat around the plug for better fuel burn at higher RPMs.

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